Patching DSDT

DSDT/SSDT: Disable dedicated GPU to extend battery life ( laptop-exclusive )

Only applied to laptops with both dedicated GPU (Nvidia/AMD) and Intel HD Graphics, has Nvidia Optimus Technology/AMD Switchable Graphics, and dedicated GPU can’t be turned off in BIOS

Step 1: Dump and decompile original DSDT/SSDT into dsl files

Step 2: Identify the DSDT/SSDT contains Intel HD Graphics (if exist) and dedicated GPU

Step 3: If you rename Intel HD GFX0 to IGPU, do it on all related DSDT/SSDT!

Step 4: Find the dedicated GPU’s _INI method, add _OFF ( ) at the end of the method



Press Compile to check for error. If you have error “Object is not accessible from this scope (_OFF)”, the _OFF method is not included in the same SSDT. You have to link it by adding this to SSDT:

Note that you have to change the path to your External graphics device _SB_.PCI0.RP05.PEGP to suit your system.


Step 5: Save all SSDTs related to iGPU (if exist) and dedicated GPU as aml, put it in the bootloader’s directory ( name it as SSDT.aml, SSDT-1.aml, SSDT-2.aml, etc… )

Step 6: Reboot and go to System Information, select Graphics/Display. If only Intel HD Graphics shows up and no Display/Nvidia/AMD related names are there then you have successfully disable the dedicated GPU.

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