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Installing Mavericks/Yosemite using Chameleon (Legacy BIOS)

You need a Mavericks installer for Mac, it can be downloaded from Appstore for free. Note that with Haswell CPUs you need a 10.9 installer or above. This guide is done under OS X, if you don’t own a Mac then you can always create a virtual machine.

Create a Mavericks/Yosemite USB Installer

Download kernel for 10.10 here and copy it to /System/Library/Kernels on Yosemite USB.
Step 6: Download the latest Chameleon here, open it and target the installer partition, install Chameleon.


Step 7: Download this, unzip and copy the Extra folder to the root of your USB installer partition. Open Chameleon Wizard ( can be found in Hackintosh Vietnam Tool ), select “SMBios” tab, hit Edit

At the “Select” section, click it and a drop down list of all Macs and its equivalent specs appears. Pick a SMBios that is suitable for your PC, hit Save as and save it to the folder Extra of your USB installer partition.

Step 8: Haswell CPUs need a modded kernel, unzip and copy it to the root of your USB’s installer partition with Mavericks, or /System/Library/Kernels in USB with Yosemite.

AMD CPUs need a modded kernel exclusively for them, unzip and copy it to the root of your USB’s installer partition.

Step 9: By default OS X can only be installed to a GPT style drive. If you want to install to a MBR style drive, you need to patch the installer to allows installing to MBR style drive. Download MBR patch for Mavericks or MBR patch for Yosemite and unzip, copy OSInstall.mpkg and overwrite the file in this folder of the USB:

copy OSInstall and overwrite the file in this folder of the USB:

Installing Mavericks/Yosemite

Step 1: Boot from the USB installer, highlight the OS X Base System partition, enter the right bootflag

Step 2: If the bootflag is correct, you should arrive at the installation windows. Hit Spacebar if any notifications about bluetooth keyboard/mouse appears. Select menu Utilities, select Disk Utility

Step 3: Select the partition you want to install OS X to, switch to Erase tab, do the following options:

  • Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
  • Name: Pick anything you want
  • Hit Erase

Step 4: After the formatting process is done, close Disk Utility, hit Continue, hit Agree. Select the formatted partition then hit Install

Step 5: For Haswell and AMD CPUs, you need to copy the modded kernel over to the installed partition. Reboot into the installer, select menu Utilities, select Terminal and enter this command ( replace Hackintosh with your OS X partition )



Reboot into your newly installed OS X partition with the bootflag you just used to enter OS X

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