Fix common issues

Issues while booting into OS X

Graphics related problem

This occurs when your verbose booting screen shows that things are stuck at Bluetooth or Network or loading partitions.  To fix this temporarily:

Revise config/bootflag:

Wrong bootflag ( for Chameleon ) or bad config.plist ( for Clover ) can cause graphics issues, you should check it again

Boot in Safe Mode

For Chameleon: Add –x to your bootflag
For Clover: Hit Spacebar and choose Boot to safe mode

Remove graphics kexts:

You can temporarily remove graphics kexts in order to boot. If you have Windows or Linux, go to /System/Library/Extensions and move these kexts to another folder:
AMD ( for AMD only or Intel HD + AMD systems ): AMD*.kext
Nvidia ( for Nvidia only or Intel HD + Nvidia systems ): NVDA.kext, Geforce*.kext
Intel ( if above methods don’t work ): AppleIntelHD*.kext

If you don’t have other OS, boot into the installer or the Recovery partition, open Terminal and type:

After successfully booting into OS X, you should patch your DSDT to inject the correct information about your GPU, or disable the dedicated GPU by DSDT/SSDT for AMD Switchable Graphics/Nvidia Optimus to prevent this from happening again.

Installing the kexts back to see if you have working graphics.

Still waiting for root device:

This happens because:

  • Using a 3.0 USB port to boot into the installer without having GenericUSBXHCI.kext in /Extra/Extensions or /EFI/Clover/kexts of the USB
  • Sata Mode isn’t set to AHCI in BIOS or is in RAID Mode that Apple doesn’t support

To fix this:

  • Add GenericUSBXHCI.kext to /Extra Extensions or /EFI/Clover/kexts of the USB
  • Add AHCIInjector.kext for systems using RAID Mode
  • Set Sata Mode to AHCI
  • If using Clover, you can try creating a config.plist with “still waiting for root device“ patch and use it


This happens because vt-d is enable in BIOS



To fix this, do one of following:

  • Disable vt-d in BIOS
  • Boot with dart=0 flag
  • Set Drop DMAR table in Clover config.plist

PState Stepper Error on some Ivy Bridge CPUs:

If you follow the speedstep guide (link) and got this error, this happens because of bad ssdt for the cpu. To fix this:

  • Delete the current ssdt.aml
  • Create a Ivy or Haswell SMBios
  • Install vanilla AppleACPIPlatforms.kext
  • Generate SSDT with ssdtPrGen ( or can be found in HVT, which is always the latest version )
  • Copy vanilla mach_kernel to the root of the OS X partition, use HVT to patch it ( for Chameleon )or set KernelPM in config.plist ( for Clover )
  • Add –xcpm to your bootflag when booting ( org.chameleon.boot.plist for Chameleon/config.plist for Clover )

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