Clover Config: Tweaking Clover menu entr

OS entries on Clover menu screen can be hidden, renamed by editing config.plist.

Step 1: Get the entry partition’s UUID by opening boot.log in /Library/Logs/CloverEFI/ ( this file is created only if you selected Install RC Scripts to target partitions upon installing Clover ). Locate Volume section. Compare existing partitions on your HDD/SSD with the log by typing this in Terminal:

Or simply remember the line “Boot Windows from Legacy HD3”, “Boot OS X from Macintosh” on the Clover menu screen to find the entry partition’s name. Get its UUID then save it on a text file

Step 2: Open Clover Configurator, import the current config.plist, switch to tab GUI.

If you want to hide all Legacy entries ( Boot … from Legacy HD… ), select Custom in Scan, then uncheck Legacy.

To edit entries manually, select the + button in Custom Entries (for UEFI entries like Windows UEFI, Linux UEFI, OS X ) or Custom Legacy ( for Legacy entries like Windows Legacy, Linux Legacy,…):

  • Volume: enter the entry partition’s UUID in step 1
  • Path: if the partition contains multiple entries, type the correct path to it ( separate by “” )
  • Title/Full Title: check it to switch to Full Title, type the desired name which will shown on Clover menu screen.
  • Hidden: Hide the entry from Clover menu screen. Select Always if you want to remove the entry from Clover boot screen.
  • Disabled: Disable the custom entry.
  • InjectKexts: Automatically inject kexts in /EFI/Clover/kexts/ to this entry
  • NoCache: Don’t use cache for this entry
  • Type: Identify the type of OS


  • Entry partition’s UUID must be identified correctly. For example, Windows UEFI and Linux UEFI’s boot entries is stored in EFI partition ( because Windows’s bootmgfw.efi is located in EFIMicrosoftBoot, not in Windows partition, the same applies to Linux ). OS X boot entry is stored in SystemLibraryCoreServicesboot.efi ).
  • If the Volume check mark is blank then Clover will identify the entry base on Type, and vice versa.

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