How to check your CPU’s speedstep

DPCI Manager

Open DPCI Manager, click P States, enter your password and hit OK at any errors prompted, then you can check your CPU’s speedstep. You will have to wait for a few minutes to see all possible steps, >3 is fine.


Piker’s AppleCPUPowerManagementInfo

This is a kext exists solely for the purpose of checking speedstep, you can run the kext without having to install it by following these steps:

Step 1: Download the kext here, unzip and put the kext on your desktop

Step 2: Repair the kext’s permission and load it by type these commands in Terminal:

Step 3: Open Console, select All Messages and type AICPUPM in the Filter box, wait for a few minutes


Step 4: When the steps won’t increase any further, unload the kext by typing this command in Terminal:

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